Rosy and Ruthy and Their Four Dogs

Do you have a dog? Well don’t think that having one dog is hard work because…Rosy and her sister have 4 dogs. Rosy is 9 years old. Her sister is 11 years old. Rosy’s sister’s name is Ruthy.  Rosy has 2 dogs called Rose and Rainbow. Rose was named  after Rosy. Rose and Rainbow  love to play with her. Rosy has a sister. Ruthy also has 2  dogs called  Rachel and Rudie.  Rosy and her sister love their dogs.
Kids must be responsible about caring for their dogs. Each night their dogs would sleep in their rooms and they took  the dogs  on walks every morning. They must be careful to always put on a leash so that the dogs don’t run away or bother other people. The girls must train the dogs so that they don’t jump on their counters to steal food. It was Rosy’s responsibility to put food for the dogs three times a day and to leave them out. Ruthy had to give the dogs their baths. Once a month they have to take the dogs to the to the vet for their checkups.
Rosy and Ruthy had fun training their dogs to do tricks. They taught them to jump through hulla hoops. The dogs also learned to shake hands…, shake paws as well as give high-fives! It was like a little circus at home! Rosy and Ruthy laughed when their dogs did something fun!
Dogs love to be with their masters…..or mistresses! They liked cuddling up to Rosy and Ruthy! The girls loved it. Dogs are really a lots of fun! You and me may like dogs, but Rosy and Ruthy probably liked dogs more than anyone could EVER like them!!!!

The End

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