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His Power In My Weakness – Shirley’s Life Story

For when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). This is a peculiar verse in the Bible spoken by the Apostle Paul. It clearly did not make sense to me when I was nine, but it is now one of the most precious verses I hold on to, today. I would like to address how this statement began to make sense to me.

I was raised in a Christian family I professed faith in Jesus early in life. However, living out this faith was not so easy! My world came crumbling down when my father had a massive stroke on December 29th, 2002. I saw my hero, my best friend – my Dad, battle for life in the hospital. Tears rolled down my face as I saw him lie there helplessly. The impact of the stroke left him in a coma for almost 21 days, and left him completely paralyzed on the right side. The nurses at the hospital told my mother to be prepared for the worst. What could be the worse, I thought? This was bad enough. As far as I knew, I had been faithful in praying, loving God, going to church and reading the Bible. Why would something like this happen to my Dad? Didn’t God love me? Didn’t he love my Dad? What wrong did he do to suffer this? All these thoughts made me angry with God, left me questioning Him and His authority.

The following year took a toll on the family. My maternal grandparents who always supported us, stepped up to really care for us when they saw the intensity of our difficulties. However, they themselves were so devastated at the news of Dad’s illness, it left them broken. My grandmother had a massive heart attack, and collapsed in my mother’s arms six months later. This devastating loss completely completely broke my grandfather, and he also died forty five days later.

The impact of all these events left me confused, frustrated, bitter and very angry with God. I just could not understand His purpose in all this. Every day became a struggle. It was difficult to carry on. By this time I was only ten years old, yet I was forced to take on some adult responsibilities such as helping to manage relationships, finances, and other needs of our family. Sometimes it was really hard facing judgments, and the world. I remember several days when I didn’t want to wake up and get out of bed. I just wanted to pull the sheets and cry all day. It was difficult to know and believe, that there was a God who love and cared for me the way the Bible claimed He did.

Months turned to years, and I spiraled into a deep sense of hopelessness. My studies were affected, and the only thing I could perceive was how unfair my life was. As this point my mother recognized that I needed something to take my mind off my immediate situation, and my aunt and uncle lovingly invited me to stay with them for a few months in Thailand. They invested many many hours, encouraging me to read the Bible and to pray. This time helped me clear my mind and to look at my circumstances from a different perspective. I went back with renewed hope. My mother continued to teach me to put my hope in God because God was real, and He felt our pain and was always willing to love us even in our sin. The fact that my Mom was telling me these things in the midst of her own struggles, made a deep impact on me. Watching her demonstrating her own faith in her circumstances had a great impact on me, reinforcing the lessons I had been taught –  lessons that are now etched in my mind, for which I am profoundly grateful. So at some point as an early teenager, I decided to trust my own life into Jesus’ hands again. I began to understand that God had a purpose for me in loving and caring for my family.

As God began to open my eyes about His love for me, I slowly began to yield to His power and authority in my life. I wanted Him to take control of every aspect, especially my broken past, and to transform me into the woman He wanted me to be. The Bible sometimes describes God as a Potter, and I wanted to be the kind of clay that He could easily mold into any vessel He wanted to make me to be (Jeremiah 18:6).  I am still a work in progress but I feel secure, because my life is under the care of a God who is deeply concerned with every aspect of my life.

I love the words of the song that my mother shared with me, called “Keep Me In Your Will” by Jessica King:

Remind me Lord, I am just a glove
In which you place Your hand.
Not my will but Yours be done
Though I may not understand.
The best laid plans I've made
Somehow always go astray.
Lord keep me in your will,
So I won't be in your way

Looking back at all those years of pain and hurt, I see God choosing to love me and use me in spite of my anger and brokenness. Now I am beginning to understand the meaning of Paul’s words that I mentioned in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10: But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Here is a YouTube link to my testimony:

Henry Huggins

This book is great for dog lovers! It is all about a boy named Henry who finds a dog who won’t stop following Henry! Henry finally calls his mom and asks if he can keep the dog. Henry’s mom says yes and He names the dog Ribsy! The book is all about the adventures of Henry and Ribsy! The book is written by Beverly Cleary. Henry Huggins is the first book she wrote! When Beverly was a kid, she had gone to the library to get a kids book. When their was no book she complained to the librarian. The librarian said that their was no kids book and if she really wanted one she should write one! Thats just what Beverly did!! She wrote a whole bunch of books. But Henry Huggins was the first!

Here is a list of books she wrote:

Henry Huggins

Beezus and Ramona

Dear Mrs. Hempshaw

Ellen Tebbits

Henry and Beezus

Henry and the Clubhouse

Henry and the Paper Route

Henry and Ribsy

Muggie Maggie

Otis Spofford

Ralph S. Mouse

Ramona the Brave

Ramona Forever

Ramona and her Father

Ramona and her Mother

Ramona the Pest

Ramona Quimby, Age 8


Runaway Ralph


The Declaration of Independance

By Patricia Ryon Quiri


Click on this link to hear Sarah read the book to you: (TBD)

I like Sam the Minuteman because it was interesting to read about how a boy felt in the war. This is fiction but it also had some history facts in it. I learned a lot from The Declaration of Independence book as it gave me a lot of information about how our country got its independence.

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Sam The Man!

Sam the Minuteman

by Nathaniel Blenchley
Pictures by Arnold Lobel
 An I can read book – Level 3 (Grades 2-4)

Click here to hear me read the book to you:

Long ago, over two hundred years ago, there were only colonies in America which were ruled by England. The English King made a rule that the colonists must pay tax on ordinary things like tea, sugar and paper. This made the colonists very mad, so no one drank tea. They decided that they would drink coffee, they would drink water but they would not drink tea!  They were not allowed to vote, but they were forced to pay taxes. One day, in 1773, many boats bringing tea came to Boston.  The Patriots sneaked up on the ships and threw all the tea into the water. This was called the Boston Tea Party. This made the King angry. From that day onwards the English army was against the colonists.

One of the colonist families was the Browns. One day, they heard that the English soldiers were coming to Lexington, the place they lived. Sam Brown‘s Dad was a Minuteman. They were ordinary people who had to be ready to fight on a minute’s notice. The American Revolution was about to begin in 1773. Sam was also asked to become a young Minuteman. He had to stop being afraid so that he could help the other Minutemen fight for their freedom. Paul Revere was a brave man who went on a horse all over to tell people that the British soldiers were coming. He was a silversmith and a patriot.

The British soldiers were called Redcoats or Lobster Backs because of their red coats. There were thousands of Redcoats and very few minutemen. They soldiers came and fight all night. Eight Minutemen died. Then, suddenly, the Redcoats left. While they were fighting, Sam Brown’s friend John got hurt when a bullet hit his leg. Sam’s fear changed to anger. His Dad helped John home. When Sam got home he told his Dad that he would shoot each soldier! His father told him that he might have the chance to do just that if the war began. But his mother said that he is not going out there again. When the British soldiers returned, Sam’s mother wanted him to stay in the house. But it was too late, Sam had already got his gun and run out after his Dad. The Revolutionary War had begun. It lasted 8 years! The colonists did not know that this war was the start of their fight for independence of a new country – the United States of America.

Since 1777 Americans have celebrated their independence day on the 4th of July. Some people like to bring history back, so they dress in costumes and act like important people. Others have barbecues and have fun watching fireworks. It is a fun national holiday in the USA!

Peanut George!

A Weed is a Flower – The Life of George Washington Carver

Written and Illustrated by: ALIKI

Story read by Sarah:

When George Washington Carver was born he had many things against him. He was kidnapped as a baby but was found soon after by his owner. He was a very unusual child.  He loved  plants. If he ever had a dying plant he would find out why and keep it from dying.  He had a garden and was called “The Plant Doctor”.  He left his slave owner’s house at 10 to discover all his questions. He would go to any school he found along the way and he would listen from the outside as slaves could not study inside schools.

He didn’t have a home which means he stayed in different houses. He tried to save money for college. By the time he went to college he was 30 years old! Most kids with parents go to college way earlier. But another problem he had was that most colleges didn’t allow blacks to study. So he went to Iowa and found a college that was glad to have a black student. He was good at piano and was a good artist. But he was best at agriculture.

He then went to Alabama to teach at the Tuskegee. He wanted to help poor people.  He set up a place where he taught farmers how to take care of their crops. He taught them to cultivate peanuts and sweet potatoes instead of just cotton. George Washington Carver was very smart. He learned to make over 100 products from sweet potatoes and over 300 products from peanuts. He used all his talents to help others and was never interested in making money.  He was honored with many awards.This baby that had no hope became one of the best scientists of his country!

George Washington Carver did his best because of his faith in Jesus. He believed that his life honored God when he worked hard and helped others. He was a good example to me of how to live for Jesus.

This is a good book because it taught me about the life of a great inventor and scientist.  George Washington Carver was a very good example for me.

Videos on George Washington Carver:

The Bear Truth!!

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears and The Truth by Stan and Jan Berenstain

You can hear me read the book:

This is part of the Berenstain Bears’ series. The Bernstain Bears Series teaches us good character. Telling the truth is a very important thing.

Brother and Sister started playing soccer inside their house because they were bored. Then Brother tried to trick Sister out of position. But Sister was so fast that she kicked the ball and hit their Mama’s  most favorite lamp which fell on the floor with a crash. Mama was just coming in from shopping. Brother looked at Sister. Sister looked at Brother. They both looked at the broken lamp. Imagine the look on Mama’s face when she walked in and  saw her lamp!

Mama asked her cubs to tell her all about it. The cubs lied and said that a colorful bird had flown in through the window and pushed her favorite lamp over. Then their Dad came in from work and they told him the story of the bird and the lamp. But, because it was a whopper, they could not quite remember how they had said it the first time. So, Mama and Papa knew that they were telling a lie. They said that they were sorry that the lamp had broken. Mama said that she could always get another one but what she really was sad about was that maybe, just maybe, her cubs whom she  had always trusted  were lying to her. Then the cubs said that while they where playing with the soccer ball inside the house, they had  hit the lamp and it broke. The cubs apologized to their parents and promised to try not to lie again.

Moral of the Story: Telling the truth is very important, because trust is something you can’t put  back together! “No matter how you hope, no matter how you try, you can’t make truth out of a lie!” -Stan and Jan Berenstain

I would recommend this book because you will learn the importance of being truthful!

Rosy and Ruthy and Their Four Dogs

Do you have a dog? Well don’t think that having one dog is hard work because…Rosy and her sister have 4 dogs. Rosy is 9 years old. Her sister is 11 years old. Rosy’s sister’s name is Ruthy.  Rosy has 2 dogs called Rose and Rainbow. Rose was named  after Rosy. Rose and Rainbow  love to play with her. Rosy has a sister. Ruthy also has 2  dogs called  Rachel and Rudie.  Rosy and her sister love their dogs.
Kids must be responsible about caring for their dogs. Each night their dogs would sleep in their rooms and they took  the dogs  on walks every morning. They must be careful to always put on a leash so that the dogs don’t run away or bother other people. The girls must train the dogs so that they don’t jump on their counters to steal food. It was Rosy’s responsibility to put food for the dogs three times a day and to leave them out. Ruthy had to give the dogs their baths. Once a month they have to take the dogs to the to the vet for their checkups.
Rosy and Ruthy had fun training their dogs to do tricks. They taught them to jump through hulla hoops. The dogs also learned to shake hands…, shake paws as well as give high-fives! It was like a little circus at home! Rosy and Ruthy laughed when their dogs did something fun!
Dogs love to be with their masters…..or mistresses! They liked cuddling up to Rosy and Ruthy! The girls loved it. Dogs are really a lots of fun! You and me may like dogs, but Rosy and Ruthy probably liked dogs more than anyone could EVER like them!!!!

The End